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About Us

The Orginal Laylam

Remember that traveling merchant passing through your neighbourhood carrying his merchandise on his back wrapped with a cloth shouting like there is no tomorrow "Laylam! Laylam!".

Guess what? Your Online Laylam has opened shop on your desktop! is your Online Shopping Mall when it comes to getting unique products and here is why.

In you will find the latest beauty products from famous brands like Sigma Brushes, Sleek and Coastal Scents Makeup.

Not only that, brings you practical solutions for your baby's needs. Just swaddle your baby with love and care with our Summar Infant swaddle or when you give your baby the daily bath, and want to stay dry thoughout the process, you will not be able to give your baby another bathwithout the award-winning Cuddledry Bath Towel. We also sell top brands and products from Sozo, Podee, iiamo, Bebe Au Lait and much more.

All that and you don't have to move from the comfort of your home! Order through and you will get the best quality merchandis delivered to your doorstep.

And don't worry about paying by a Credit Card! We trust you. Just pay us when you get your order delivered (Cash on Delivery). Founder

Who happens to be a mother that understands your needs